Oakley- the Classic Sunglasses of Wayfarer

Oakley- the Classic Sunglasses root from Wayfarer series of the 50s retro , translated as hikers series. When Audrey Hepburn wearing this glasses appeared in “Breakfast at Tiffany” ; When President ,Kennedy Oakley sunglasses strapped to his head when public speaking, this series has captivated the world. And today, sunglasses of Oakley Wayfarer series still look tidal flavor, becoming a must-have item of Hollywood stars.


The shading effect of Oakley lens hiker series are of strong, be able to block 100 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays while filtering harmful rays. Design and manufacture of frames are also excellent, no matter under what circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear. Temple designs are very stylish. It feels smooth and texture, it makes you of personality and very handsome, the body of lens is lightweight and very delicate. As fashion dress or casual shopping, are a good match.

Brand Story:Oakley sunglasses is the symbol of American culture. English called Ray Ban Ray Ban, Ray was the glare, Ban namely blocking, blocking the glare of the light which is the essence of sunglasses. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Oakley sunglasses is gusto of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn are its loyal follower.

From the date of brand creation ,Oakley has been the world’s sunglasses brand of best-selling. What support this achievement is the consistently high quality and elegant design of Oakley. With the innovation of optical technology , making high-quality lens has become one of the biggest selling points of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Timeless design, simple style and high quality style, undoubtedly become an important element of Ray-Ban brand through nearly 70 years later still enduring.

The Anecdote of Oakley Sunglasses

Now wearing a pair of visor Oakley sunglasses is a normal thing in the heat of summer , which will not make a fuss prospective . However, before the reform and opening up, it is not such a matter.
About 20 years ago, the market gradually have some sunglasses on sale , which known as ” sunglasses ” at that time. Wearing sunglasses make people ” disgusted “in a very long time. Obviously , these people think only spy or villain in the movie was wearing sunglasses , so sunglasses just be listed, it attracted criticism.

However, because the F- emancipation has already been destroyed , many people no longer dictate people’s dress , so sunglasses are soon popular , especially among young people of all the rage .

But some young people do not quite understand the role of small sunglasses , just thought it was a fashion and popular , so put on sunglasses even without a new trademark peeled when bought . Thus, these approximate ” rustic” and childish behavior has caused some criticism into their youth accused of ” fawning .” what ” bourgeois lifestyle .” cartoonist Mr. Ding Cong also drew a picture of a youth , wearing sunglasses with a trademark , carrying comic with tape recorders , seems ironic ” unhealthy “by the time. The tide of history is always forward , most people still quietly accepted the fact of sunglasses . Not only young man wear sunglasses, almost all car drivers , traffic police and cyclists also wear in the summer sun.

Today , whatever young or the elderly , they are no longer blind in the selection of sunglasses , because they know that the eyes are the windows to the soul , wearing Oakley sunglasses are non- trivial trivial , so they consume effort on brand , specifications, and quality of sunglasses.Inexpensive and poor quality of Oakley sunglasses have little market many years ago, some famous brands naturally become the preferred target . Moreover, the mark left on the glasses is already rare , but for the impression of trademark stay in people’s minds now.
Summer is approaching , sunglasses are also sent on a handy.Many people buy sunglasses of more stylish, more beautiful, better reflect their temperament, personality here, Oakley sunglasses with trademark has become a goal of attention. Nowadays, people pay attention to the trademark of sunglasses, very different from the past , they do not show off and show what again, exactly enough to express themselves and enjoy the familiarity of such goods and appreciation of the mark .

A tiny pair of sunglasses and a little mark reflect the tremendous changes of before and after the reform and opening up,of which is quite interesting today .